SIBgroup – real estate for real life!

Since 2008, SIBgroup unites several real estate development companies in Lithuania with mother company SI Baltic LLC. The group mainly is focusing on projects in Vilnius – capital city of Lithuania.

During the past 15 years, group has developed more than 10 different real estate projects with overall reach of over 10 mln EUR of investments and sales volume more than 12 mln EUR.

Having 15 years of successful cooperation with minor partners, SIBgroup has built and sold over 7500 square meters of residential real estate as well as over 1000 square meters of commercial-administrative purpose real estate. The group also takes part in land development projects.

Our group has long term goals of creating real estate for life, focusing on analysis of market demand and it’s changes, continuously exploring real estate market and finding best solutions for residential and business needs. We highly value our loyal clients and trustful partners.